At USA Sports Therapy | Coral Gables we offer Physical Therapy, Manual Therapy, Blood Flow Restriction Therapy, Normatec Recovery Boots Whiplash, and Headache Treatment, Post-operative Rehabilitation, Sports Performance, Enzyme Nutrition Therapy.

Manual therapy is the skilled passive or assistive movement of joints and soft tissue by your physical therapist or chiropractor. Our staff is credentialed in the top manual therapy techniques including GrastonTM, Active Release TechniqueTM, cupping, joint mobilization/manipulation, soft tissue massage, myofascial release, and muscle energy techniques. These techniques are essential to reduce pain, improve range of motion and function, reduce inflammation and muscle tension, and facilitate movement.

The manual therapy skills of the clinicians at USA Sports Therapy is unmatched anywhere else in the industry. Our clinicians are specialized in soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques for the neck, spine and extremities. At the joint level our clinicians utilize joint mobilizations, manipulations and muscle energy techniques to improve the alignment and movement of these structures. At the soft tissue level our therapists incorporate ART, cross friction, edema reduction, Graston, Theragun and cupping to optimize function. Manual therapy is utilized as a means of pain reduction, mobility improvement, swelling reduction, tissue extensibility preparation and functional increases. These benefits when combined with exercises provide the greatest environment for healing.

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