Professional and recreational athletes tend to suffer from injuries. USA Sports Therapy | Coral Gables offers better and faster treatments for athletes. Schedule an appointment today at 305.363.2913.

Our practitioners are credentialed with the only personal training certification that requires a 4-year Bachelor’s degree. As Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, we are able to take our patients from injury back to competing at the highest level. We also boast two of the only TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified Experts in physical therapy in Miami-Dade County for Golf Rehabilitation.

Just because you aren’t injured doesn’t mean we can’t help you to stay at peak condition. But it is important to make sure you find the proper help when suffering from sports-related issues like basketball, soccer, football, or tennis injuries. Physical injuries are serious business and professional help can be a must to help you remain in peak condition.

We work with athletes of all levels to stay on top of their game by providing sports performance physical therapy. Think of this is maintenance or tune-up work for you body to recover form the demands of sport and training. Our therapists are just as skilled at keeping you away from injury as they are at returning you from injury. We work to improve the skills needed across all sports such as high-level balance, coordination, body control and the body’s ability to react to outside forces. This service is utilized by many of our clients to keep them at their best throughout the year. Whether you are an elite athlete or the tenth best player on your men’s league softball team you owe it to yourself to take advantage of our sports performance service.