Therapeutic Modalities

With many conditions, our outcomes are enhanced by utilizing specially-designed non-surgical devices known as “therapeutic modalities.” These devices may be as simple as an ice pack or heating pad, or as complex as electric stimulation, ultrasound, and iontophoresis systems. These modalities are used to manage pain, improve circulation, promote tissue mobility, and re-educate muscles. We are also a licensed distributor of the H-wave device, which is used by many sports teams and athletes to improve circulation and fluid shifts to decrease inflammation and pain.

USA Sports Therapy incorporates the latest in therapeutic modalities in all practice locations. From edema reduction and pain relief via our H-Wave units to bone growth stimulation via pulsed ultrasound, we utilize the latest and greatest in modalities for you and your condition. We aren’t a practice that is going to waste your valuable treatment time on unnecessary modality use but we will strategically implement them in a way to maximize your response and minimize your healing time.

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