Dr. Anderson Russell, PT, DPT – Physical Therapist

Anderson Russell, Physical Therapist

About Dr. Anderson Russell, PT, DPT – Physical Therapist

Dr. Anderson Russell received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from the University of Miami.

Prior to his physical therapy education, Dr. Russell attended The Ohio State University on a football scholarship from 2005-2009 which subsequently propelled him to a career in the NFL. He spent 5 years in the NFL as a defensive back where he played for the Washington Football Team, Miami Dolphins, and Carolina Panthers from 2010-2014. During his playing career, Dr. Russell spent numerous stints in physical therapy, including two ACL reconstructions in 2006 and 2010. It was these experiences in PT that sparked Dr. Russell’s passion for physical therapy. His first-hand experience as a patient gives him a unique perspective as to what a patient experiences recovering from an injury. He understands that no two injuries are the same and no two people the same, which is why he develops his plans for each patients’ needs.

From his experience as both a patient and therapist, Dr. Russell is well-versed in the entire PT process and possesses the skill set to challenge highly functional patients in their return to athletic activity. He utilizes manual therapy techniques and corrective exercises to develop a tailored plan of care for each individual patient. Additionally, he carefully selects tissue manipulation techniques such as cupping, joint mobilizations, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, and various massage techniques to decrease pain and prepare patients for activity.

Dr. Russell treats patients at the Miami Beach and Midtown clinics.