Dr. Jennifer Socarras Garcia, DPT

About Dr. Jennifer Socarras Garcia, DPT

Dr. Jennifer Socarras Garcia received her Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree (DPT) from the University of Miami, receiving the program’s “Chair’s Award” and the National “Minority Scholarship Award” from the American Physical Therapy Association for her dedication to her program, as well as her contributions to the medical and health fields through her community service with non-profit entities.
Being born in Cuba and arriving to the US with a dream of being a health advocate, Dr. Socarras started training in the PT field in 2015, where she first developed a passion for rehabilitation. During this time, Dr. Socarras was also trained in Motivational Interviewing techniques during undergraduate work as a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Florida International University, which has served her on the field to optimize recovery.
Now on the field as a DPT, Dr. Socarras continues to channel her passion for helping others through her work at USA Sports Medicine. Here, her focus of treatment is on unifying individuals’ physical and mental status with their aspirations to return to their own beloved activities. Not only that, but Dr. Socarras’s own passion for playing various sports, from Volleyball to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, makes her a motivated and focused clinician in addressing the needs of this population.
Dr. Socarras treats patients with a wide variety of conditions and ages by incorporating extensive manual interventions such as deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, active release, myofascial release techniques, Graston tool techniques, cupping, and joint mobilizations. Dr. Socarras is also adept at using kinesiology taping. She is known for her extensive and detail-oriented evaluations with a focus on movement mechanics, postural re-education, and spine health.
Lastly, Dr. Socarras is committed to addressing the needs of diverse populations due to her position as Coordinator of the Sabrina’s Adaptive Beach Non-Profit Organization. Looking forward to assist in daily, recreational, and competitive training of individuals who are differently abled.
“Dr. Jen,” as she goes by, looks forward to meeting you and helping you return to a balanced state and optimal performance in your daily life.