Dr. Michelle Massa, DC

About Dr. Michelle Massa, DC

Dr. Michelle Massa is Doctor of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA. Her drive for results in patient care has led her to explore various Chiropractic techniques and therapies to bring creative analysis and accurate diagnosis to all her patients. Postgraduate she has studied various manual, instrument & tonal Chiropractic techniques, Soft tissue techniques, Ergonomics, Taping, Dry Needling & Functional Nutrition. 
Dr. Massa began her career in Wellness as a Personal Trainer & Nutrition coach. Her dedication to getting people healthy led to a focus in the health conditions that affect the morbidly obese. In her career she has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds and has seen people transform their lives by changing their health habits. She is an expert in health behavioral psychology, motivational interviewing, clinical nutrition & group facilitation. 
Dr. Massa is from Broward County and a graduate of Florida Atlantic University. Prior to joining USA Sports Therapy in 2023, Dr. Massa practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years.
Being of Peruvian & Salvadorian descent, Dr. Massa saw the need to create an Association of Latin Chiropractors in the US. She is the Founder and Chair of the Board of the Latin American Chiropractic Association which is a non-profit organization that provides scholarship programs to chiropractic students of Latin American descent. As a leader in the profession, Dr. Massa is a frequent speaker at chiropractic conferences and seminars. She is passionate about empowering other Latin chiropractors in their careers and supporting them in creating a legacy of generational chiropractic families.  
Not only does she maintain a clinical practice, but she also teaches Continuing Education to Chiropractors focusing on History, Exam & Diagnosis, Chiropractic Technique, HIPAA, Ethics & Law. Her passion for Higher Education led her to become an Associate Professor at Life Chiropractic College West which led to becoming their Compliance Officer. In addition, Dr. Massa has a background in Ergonomics, Health Care Compliance & Health Education.
Dr. Massa relocated to South Florida in 2022 to care for her family. When she is not enjoying quality time with family & friends, she enjoys spending time in nature & on the water.