Dr. Pam Balomenos, DC

About Dr. Pam Balomenos, DC

Dr. Balomenos received her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from the University of
Western States in Portland, Oregon where she graduated cum laude in December of
2018. Hailing all the way from Vancouver, Canada she is both a Canadian and American
board-certified chiropractor. Immediately following graduation, Dr. Balomenos was
chosen to participate in a residency program at Oregon Health Sciences University
where chiropractors, surgeons, anesthesiologists and many more healthcare providers
worked together to tackle complicated chronic pain patients. Following the residency
program, Dr. Balomenos moved to Cork, Ireland for a year to practice where she focused
mainly on disc related low back pain patients.

Dr. Balomenos believes in the patient-centered approach to care and her goal is to get
her patients back to participating in the activities they love. She specializes in sports
rehabilitation and chronic pain patients.

Dr. Balomenos has always been active. Growing up she was a competitive gymnast.
Once her gymnastics career came to an end she played basketball and volleyball
competitively. Prior to her Doctoral studies Dr. Balomenos attended Western University
in London, Ontario where she received her Bachelor of Sciences degree majoring in
Medical Sciences and minoring in Psychology.
In her spare time, Dr. Balomenos enjoys going on adventures with her husband,
Orlando. They do everything from kayaking and snorkeling to running marathons and
skiing/snowboarding whenever they get they chance.
Dr. Balomenos is a chiropractor at the Wynwood location inside of the Wynwood Padel