Advanced Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises are highly selective physical activities that will be assigned by your physical therapist or chiropractor in order to restore and maintain strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, mobility, balance, and stability. The exercises assigned will be based on each individual patient’s diagnosis, assessment, and goals. The goal of these exercises is to help return a patient to their pre-injury state pain-free.

At USA Sports Therapy we implement the latest in corrective exercises for any injury. The goal at our practice is to help you through your current injury and minimize your risk of re-injury through effective corrective exercises. Our therapists aren’t going to give you the same, cookie-cutter exercises you will see used at most physical therapy practices. The exercises given to each patient are unique to them and their condition. You will get exercises that are proven to be the most effective based on current research. Not only are these exercises the most effective but, with such a large exercise bank at our disposal, you will constantly be performing new exercises to keep the sessions interesting and fun. Our therapists are all exercise specialists ready to provide your muscles with a variety of demands to get you back to handle anything thrown at you in the real world.

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